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HUB223 Summerside Apartments | Long-term Apartment Rentals in Downtown Summerside
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Welcome home to the Hub.

HUB 223 is a downtown Summerside community of long-term stay apartment rental units focused on essential city living and comfort.



Designed for those who want only what they need, for the freedom-seekers, lovers of modern minimal living, and those who have no extra brainspace for nonessentials, HUB 223 aspires to provide feature-rich but burden-free living for professionals, students and travellers.

city location

Your day only begins at home – many of the good times happen out there. HUB 223’s downtown location provides you with the ideal base for enjoying City amenities, exploring attractions and procuring essentials.

vital comfort

Enjoying a simplified lifestyle does not mean sacrificing comforts. HUB 223 units are designed in the philosophy of balanced minimalism such that you have the best kind of everything that you need.

The Suite Life

Most units feature a comfortable unique loft area which opens to efficient kitchen-living areas below, a Euro fully wet-ceramic tiled shower-bathroom, and ample built-in storage. Additional amenities include a shared hall courtyard area complete with seating,  an onsite coin-operated laundry facility and vending, and free wifi. Each original unit varies in size, design and furnishing.

Comfort first, Questions Later

We understand the meaning of minimal, which means we don’t compromise on cozy. Our spaces are created as templates for peace or for play – you set the mood.  

With ample built-ins and beds from full to king-size, there’s plenty of room to make this yours.



The City of Summerside has all the highest scores for amenities, entertainment and safety, which makes it such a desirable place to live and work.

Summerside works to conserve its heritage small-town charm and country speed, which makes it unique attraction among the sandy beaches, sprawling greenery, rich culture, and diverse culinary offerings that has made Prince Edward Island such a desirable location. 

These are super fun and modern suites in the heart of Downtown Summerside. There were all the necessary amenities, including a fully equipped bathroom, kitchenette with full sized fridge and comfy bed. There were also lots of places to charge my devices. These were obviously well planned out suites. Walking distance to the waterfront, boardwalk, Farmers Market and cute local shops. Also public transportation is very close by. Clean, secure and an awesome place to stay in Downtown Summerside!”

Google Reviewer

Absolutely loved this place. The room was spacious and the set up with the loft was wonderful. Very unique design and lots of storage. The hallways were extra wide with cool large wooden benches and chairs to sit on. Very quiet and no interference from “neighbours”. Very comfortable and clean. It was a short walk down the the boardwalk where you could enjoy quaint shops and restaurants. A restaurant is attached to the hotel as well. Laundry facilities available. Parking is free as well.”

Web Reviewer

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